Metal Roof Systems

Metal Roof Systems are an economical, attractive, and energy efficient way to restore your metal roof and make it water tight once again. Permanently.


Metal roofs are great…for a while. Once the gaskets under the fastener heads start to fail, the butyl seal (if there even is one) on the seams fails, and the factory finish fades away or rust you are left with an unattractive ever leaking mess. In the old days, you would have to climb up on the roof with a bucket of tar every year or two in order to chase leaks. Not only was this inefficient and time consuming, it looked terrible.


At this point in the job the roof has been cleaned with Rust Off, power washed and primed with Encase rust inhibiting primer. Next, the vertical and horizontal seams were taped, and the tape was bedded in the base coat. The top edge of the tape on the horizontal seams was brushed with sealant to prevent water damming, and the fastener heads have been sealed. This roof is ready for a bright white seamless top coat

Finished Roof

As you can see, this roof has come a long way. A few days ago it was a rusted leaking mess. Now it is a clean bright white. At 85% solar reflectivity this building owner is sure to save money on his A/C cost. Most importantly, they are staying dry inside. Guaranteed

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