Coating Single Ply Systems

Single ply systems such as TPO, EPDM, & Mod-Bit can all be coated without tearing off the existing roof. As long as the membrane is structurally sound, and draining properly, it can be coated.


This roof is a testimony not only to the cost-effectiveness of roof coatings but also their effectiveness even in non-recommended conditions. Huge leaks were a surprise for the new owners of this building who didn’t have a new roof in the budget. As you can see there are a few issues with this roof that are not ideal for coatings or any other roof covering. Large areas of ponding water, large wrinkles and tunnels in the cap sheet, and numerous attempts at repairs using various materials. This roof is too far gone and needs to be torn off. But desperate times call for desperate measures. It was agreed that this roof could not be warrantied for obvious reasons, but it was also agreed that something needed to be done right away.


Here is the final product. Even though conditions are unwarrantable, the roof is one seamless membrane now. The new building owner needed to buy a little time, and while it hasn’t quite been three years yet, it appears the roof will continue to hold out water for a few more years exceeding everyone’s expectations.

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